Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a distributor/ wholesaler?

Nope. We are just a delivery and logistics company.  Marketing, sales, and customer management responsibilities are still the responsibility of the brewery.  Our target breweries are those that are not ready to go with a distributor but could use help with delivery.

How much does your service cost?

Our pricing is a per package price plus a fee depending on pickup an delivery locations. Let’s setup a meeting and we can go over pricing details.

Is this legal?

Yep. We hired one of the largest and most experienced Alcoholic Beverage Law practices in the state and they helped guide us through the process.  Let’s set up a meeting and we will walk you through the process.

What kind of contracts are required?

We currently operate through client agreements with a 90 day written cancellation policy.  Our agreements do require regular delivery. For example, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery schedules are required.

Do you have one-time delivery?

Custom and emergency delivery options are available. 

Do you clean draft lines?

We do not currently offer line cleaning services.